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2020 Chevy Bolt Electric Range

Chevrolet Bolt EV - Carlyle, IL
2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV hitting the road soon!

Continuing the brand’s push into the electric vehicle (EV) market, Chevrolet recently announced that the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV’s range has been increased to an impressive 259 miles on a single charge. This marks an increase of 21 miles over the 2019 model.

More Attractive

Chevrolet’s engineers were able to achieve this range by tweaking the battery’s fuel cell design and chemical components, meaning that the actual size of the battery remains unchanged despite its enhanced capabilities. Chevrolet hopes that this improvement will go a long way towards solidifying EVs as a major player in the mainstream auto market.

Charging Stations

A frequently cited concern among drivers who aren’t sure whether they want to make to leap to an EV is the availability of charging stations. To give Bolt EV owners a convenient way to plan their trips around the ever-expanding network of charging stations, the myChevrolet app includes a feature that informs them of nearby stations. Even better, Chevrolet recently partnered with Qmerit to become the first non-luxury brand to provide drivers a streamlined way to find qualified electricians to install in-home charging stations.

With the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV, Chevy is speeding towards a convenient, sustainable, and affordable future for electric vehicles. We hope to see you here at K&J Chevrolet when the 2020 Bolt EV hits roads later this year.

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