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How to Prepare Your Chevy for Winter

Prepare For Winter Driving - Carlyle, IL
Prepare for winter before the bad weather arrives.

Winter is coming, and with it will be snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Your car needs special attention to get ready for these cold months, so read on to learn how to prepare your Chevy for winter.

Check Your Tires

Having good tires on your car makes a huge difference in safe winter driving. You want tires with deep tread, no signs of wear, and the right level of air pressure. Replace your car’s tires if needed ahead of the winter season. Also, check their air pressure regularly during this season as cold temperatures can cause pressure to fluctuate, which reduces grip.

Check Engine Coolant and Antifreeze

Antifreeze keeps your car’s engine from freezing up in the low temperatures of an Illinois winter, so you’ll want to be sure that these fluids are topped off before temperatures drop.

Get Winter Windshield Wiper Fluid

You can make your morning commute a little bit easier if you switch to de-icing windshield wiper fluid for the cold months. This special wiper fluid is designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures, and will not freeze when it hits the icy windshield in the morning. Additionally, winter wiper fluid is actually meant to help remove frost and snow, so it will improve your visibility and keep your car’s windshield clear all season.

Winter Supply Box

In the event of an emergency breakdown, it pays to have a winter supply box at the ready. Pack it with extra blankets and warm clothes, food and water, road flares, a flashlight, a shovel, an extra ice scraper, and a bag of sand or cat litter to help provide traction in case you get stuck. 

Winter in Illinois is beautiful, but it’s hard to appreciate all of the natural splendor if you’re at risk for a weather-related accident. Schedule an appointment with the service department at K & J Chevrolet and let us prepare your car to be ready for whatever challenges the winter roads have in store.

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