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The Corvette Museum Launches New Educational Series

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The National Corvette Museum has been forced to temporarily close its doors during the coronavirus outbreak, but it is not stopping in its mission to educate the country about the iconic sports car. In order to provide entertaining and informative content to those staying at home, the Corvette Museum is releasing a new series to the public called Vetteacademy.

Vetteacademy is free and readily available on the Corvette Museum’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. The episodes have covered topics ranging from changing tires on a Corvette to the history of the nameplate to the several different generations of the iconic car.

The videos are simple enough for children to understand and interesting enough for people of all ages to enjoy. President and CEO of the Corvette Museum, Dr. Sean Preston, said, “As a nonprofit foundation, our mission is to educate the public. We developed these videos not only to provide education content, but to be interesting and engaging.”

The National Corvette Museum released another series for more seasoned Corvette enthusiasts called “Fully Vetted,” which takes a thorough look at the history of the Chevrolet Corvette. Vivid stories, the lore of the model, and in-depth views will be provided by the museum’s Historical Media Coordinator and its Director of Collections and Curator.

For more information on the Corvette Museum’s series — or learn more about the first-ever mid-engine version of the iconic sports car — please contact us right here at K & J Chevrolet.

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