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Chevy teases the 2022 Bolt EV and EUV

Bolt EV - Carlyle, IL

Chevrolet continues to focus on the future with its Bolt EV and brand-new Bolt EUV. They are keeping a lot under wraps, but they did release some enticing photos recently.

New for the Bolt EV

The compact Bolt EV will remain mostly the same design-wise, but it will get some technology upgrades for 2022.  The infotainment system will see changes and the Bolt EV will gain Adaptive Cruise Control. The dashboard materials will be of higher quality and the seats will be more comfortable.

A Bigger, bolder bolt

The next model year will see the introduction of what Chevrolet is calling an EUV, which stands for Electric Utility Vehicle. Because of rapidly improving EV technology, larger, more powerful cars are possible. The 2022 Bolt EUV will be closer to an SUV in length, width and cargo capacity. It will include wraparound taillights and there are rumors of a roof rack and a sunroof.

On the Go

The Bolt EUV will also join the Cadillac line in offering a hands-free driving feature. Super Cruise will be included in the 2022 Bolt EUV to allow motorists to experience the latest in autonomous technology. The driver assist feature is expected to be available in other GM products by 2023.

Keep your eyes tuned to the K&J Chevrolet blog for more information on the 2022 Bolt EV and EUV when it becomes available.

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