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Servicing Your Chevy this Summer

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Hot summers are perfect for road trips and vacations in your Chevy, but the warm weather can also be hard on your vehicle. Hit the dealership for essential service now so your car will be running smoothly all summer long.

Engine and Battery

Hot weather makes your engine and battery work harder, so you should make sure they’re in good shape before summer starts. Check the battery for signs of swelling and leakage, and have the charge tested at a parts shop or your dealership. Get an oil and filter change to help keep the engine cool and properly lubricated.

Cooling System

The radiator and coolant are also essential to keeping your car from overheating. Get these inspected for damage and leaks, and top off the coolant if it’s low. You might even consider getting a coolant flush if the coolant looks dark or feels gritty.

Air Conditioning

You probably haven’t used your A/C in a few months, so before the weather gets hot check and make sure it’s working properly. If you notice any issues with the air output, you’ll want to head to the dealership for repairs before you really need it.


You should check your tire pressure and tread about once a month, especially in very high or low temperatures. Hot weather can make the air inside your tires swell, over-inflating them and affecting your traction. Make sure the psi is correct and check for damage to your tires, and get them replaced if there are major leaks or cracks.

This is just a basic summer service list, but there’s a lot of things to accomplish on it. If you want help, or have something that needs repaired, schedule a service appointment K & J Chevrolet in Carlyle, Illinois.

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