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When Should You Replace Your Windshield Wipers?

Windshield Wipers | Carlyle, IL

When you think of safety features on your vehicle, you likely think of your seatbelt, brake system, air bags, and advanced technologies like Automatic Emergency Braking. However, one overlooked and important safety feature is your windshield wipers, which ensure you have plenty of visibility. To keep them working well, you need to replace the wipers if you notice any of the following signs.

They are aged

If your Chevy spends much of its time in the garage away from extreme weather, you may only need to replace your windshield wipers every year or even two years. On the other hand, if you drive your vehicle on a daily basis to get to work or keep your car parked outside, you probably need to replace your vehicle’s windshield wipers more frequently, such as every six months.

They have cracks

When your wiper blades are cracked or torn, they likely cannot clear away rain, snow, or other debris from your windshield as easily as they once could. This is a safety hazard and means you should replace your wiper blades in short order. Even if they don’t show signs of damage, you should still replace them if they are not functioning properly.

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