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Signs Your Alternator is Bad

Signs Your Alternator is Bad | Carlyle, IL

Having car troubles, but can’t quite pin down the cause? It could be a problem with the alternator, a component that’s responsible for keeping your car battery charged, starting up your vehicle, and powering its accessories. Here’s a look at some of the top signs that your car’s alternator is bad.

Trouble starting up

If you notice a growling or whirring sound when you turn the ignition key, it could mean that your car’s alternator isn’t doing its job. Similarly, if your car is stalling while you drive, it could indicate that the spark plugs aren’t getting enough power from the alternator.

Battery burnout

Sometimes a battery simply wears out from age or excessive use — like forgetting that you’ve left a light on in your car. However, if your car’s alternator is faulty, it won’t properly recharge the battery. Normally, after receiving a jumpstart, your car’s alternator will juice up its battery after you drive around a bit. However, if your car fails to start up shortly after getting a jumpstart, it’s a sign that its alternator needs service.

Accessory issues

Are your heated seats feeling a little chilly? Is the instrument panel behaving badly? Or are the power windows being a bit slow? It could be a sign that your car’s alternator isn’t supplying enough electricity to the accessories. Vehicles are programmed to prioritize essential components over things like the power windows and radio, so if you notice this early warning sign of a failing alternator, bring your car in for service before the issue becomes more severe.

If you notice any of these problems, don’t delay — take your vehicle to K&J Chevrolet in Carlyle, Illinois, today.

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