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Dashboard Warning Lights You Need to Know About

2022 Chevrolet Malibu Dashboard | Carlyle, IL

When your car is experiencing a serious problem, it will often tell you in the form of a dashboard warning light. Do you understand the meaning of these red images that light up on your dash? If not, here’s a guide to four of the most important ones to know.

Engine oil warning light

If you see a red light that looks like a dripping pot, be sure to get your car checked out right away. This is the engine oil warning light. It means your oil pressure is getting low and your engine is in danger of serious damage.

Coolant level warning light

The coolant level warning light resembles a thermometer. If you see this pop up, it probably means your engine is overheating. Pull over as soon as possible to let your vehicle cool. Then, check to see if you have enough coolant. If your engine is steaming or smoking, you’ll probably need to have it serviced.

Battery light

The battery light is a little red box with plus and minus signs inside. It means your alternator isn’t charging the battery the way it should be. You’ll want to have this problem checked out right away so you aren’t stranded with a drained battery.

Brake system warning light

The brake system warning light is an exclamation point inside a circle surrounded by parentheses. If it pops up, it means your brakes are in trouble. It might be dangerous to keep driving, so pull over as soon as possible and get the issue checked out.

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