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Tips for Using Your Chevy Truck or SUV to Haul Cargo in Clinton County

2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV | K & J Chevrolet | Carlyle, IL

If you drive a Chevrolet SUV like the Traverse or a truck like the Colorado, you have the flexibility to move big cargo here in Carlyle. But before you haul that cargo, you’ll want to read our tips to maximize effectiveness and protect your vehicle.

Check the numbers first

Before you load up your Suburban or Silverado with hardware, concrete, or mulch, you’ll want to be aware of the vehicle’s cargo volume, payload capacity, and gross vehicle weight rating. These numbers (which can be found in the model’s owner’s manual) tell you what a vehicle is capable of safely carrying. If you exceed payload capacity or GVWR, you could damage your vehicle.


Using your SUV’s cargo area or truck bed for a lot of hauling can wear down its luster over time. But you can keep your vehicle looking fresh with the right accessories. A spray-on bedliner for your Colorado or a cargo mat for your Tahoe minimizes surface wear and helps your vehicle retain more value. You’ll also want to use the right equipment to stabilize and secure your payload with tie-downs, straps, and cargo organization tools.

Need more tips to help you haul cargo, tow, and get the most out of your Chevy truck or SUV? Ask the experts at K&J Chevrolet in Carlyle, Illinois.

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